April 14, 2017

Spring is Here!


As the weather becomes increasing warmer, please be remindedof our school dress code -- which can be found in your Parent/StudentHandbook.  Thanks for your continued support of our school rules.


Dress Code 

Properdress at all times is required.  Shorts and skirts should be theappropriate finger-tip lengthStudent’s fingertips should extendpast the hem of the garment when arms are by their sides.  No tank,spaghetti strap, midriff, tube or halter tops.  Sunglasses will not bepermitted at school unless medically prescribed.  Appropriate footwearmust be worn at all times.  Rubber flip-flops or heelys are notappropriate for school.  Hats and caps should not be worn inside thebuilding.  Symbols, slogans or designs that tend to disrupt school willnot be permitted.

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